How to Holeshot the Start

Getting the Holeshot is one off the most exciting and adrenaline pumping aspects of racing.To be a complete racer, a good start technique is an essential ingredient and life is made for easier to out in front than dealing with roost and dirt.


Take the time to have a good look at the start area and choose the best possible gate. When making that decision take into consideration where the gate is in relation to the inside of the first turn, the rut behind the gate, as well as what’s in front of the gate because no longer can you prepare the dirt in front of the gate. The surface will determine how much traction is available as will any moisture.

Now if the corner is sharper than 90 degrees, most Pro riders draw an imaginary line back from the turn to start and any gate in that area is usually the prime are, then look at the ruts, traction and what’s in front of you to select the best gate.

If the first corner is less than 90 degrees, most pro riders will start from a little wider as this will allow you to carry more momentum thru the turn as starting wider doesn’t make it as sharp. Again look for a gate that offers a good rut, traction and no mud in front. Look for a rut that is straight

especially in front of the gate, you can work on the rut on your side of the gate but as of this year you can’t work on any rut that’s on the Track side.

Clean the rut out as best you can pack the rut in the try to make a hard base and if possible build a little ramp up at the front of the gate.


The benefit of a start button is to change the weight of the bike to reduce wheelies when accelerating from the start, With the button locked down it puts more weight over the front of the bike and lightens the rear, the only problem with this is that the rear is your traction, So to compensate for this. Holeshot Suspension installs an RSV to the rear shock which keeps the rear Wheel and traction on the ground to launch you quicker out of the gate.

If you are on a rock hard concrete start then a Holeshot button is probably not the best option.


My advice here is to keep it as simple as possible. With 39 other riders around you, there is already enough to worry about – throttle, clutch, brakes, timing the gate drop, and smooth power. Find a simple technique and stick to it.

1) Select a gear that will jump from the gate consistently well and produce good power. For the majority of riders 2nd gear is all ways the best, After Holeshot Suspension sets up a rider with an HSS “A” kit some of the riders claim a 3rd gear start is the way to go, the reward is a great if done right, 3rd gear starts are either great or terrible??? Up to yourself and confidence.

2) Now, run both feet down. It keeps your weight central, give better balance and allows the bike to drive out directly without you having to climb all over the bike to steer. Sit at the base of the seat and bring your head and chest down over the cross bar, BODY POSITIONING IS VERY IMPORTANT; YOU’RE THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY.

3) Your fingers should be on the controls with the clutch right on the pick – up point, and run the throttle constant reasonably high in the REVS, No Throttle chopping. The challenge is to keep your weight forward as you quickly release the clutch and drive the bike out under full power. Be strong in the upper body and stay over the front and keep your head down, if you lift your head your body tends to come with it and you will wheelie.


Some watch the starter, some watch the pin that holds the gate, and some watch the gate. My

advice is to watch whatever you see move first that you can consistently recognize, If you have trouble picking up the starter or seeing the pin move, focus on the gate and use all your concentration on it, Reaction time is all about concentration so use all of your mental energy to focus on and react.


As the bike drives from the gate stay aggressive on it and over the front. Listen to your bike to

make sure you hit the shifts at just the right time. Remember, over-revving the motor is just as bad as shifting way too early when you have the bike under control and heading in the direction you need. Focus on the first turn and head directly to where you want to go.

Be Aggressive, someone shutting of early and other riders running into them causes more

accidents, so go in with the field or, if you have done everything right there is a good chance that you will go into the corner first “HOLESHOT”. If you shut off 9early there is a good chance that you will be run over from the other 39 riders, “GOOD LUCK” / 0406 068 398