Engine Modifications Information

There is a fine line to building an Engine. If the limits are pushed to far (like many engine builders do) there are reliability issues. Holeshot Suspension’s goal is to give you the very best in High-Performance service without any loss of reliability. Holeshot Suspensions engine modifications will give you increased power from bottom to top. Holeshot suspension has specialized in motor modifications since the early 2 - stroke days. Our expertise in building some of the most advanced engines is a direct result of keeping up to date on all the Factory specifications coming out of the Race teams in the USA. In addition, every motor we build is thoroughly tested using our flow bench and race workshop dynos. From 2 - strokes to 4 – strokes, Moto Cross, Super Cross, Road Race, and so on almost any machine can benefit from Holeshot Suspension motor Modifications. Before you send in your Engine you will need to contact “Coop” on 0406 068 398 to discuss your requirements or send in a completed quotation form.

Turn around depends on requirements.

Engine Services, Modifications & Labour Charges: all prices quoted in $AUD

2 – Stroke Price 4 – StrokePrice

R & R Power Valve $174.95 Split Engine Cases

R & R Head & Cylinder $249.95 R & R Head & Cylinder

Split Engine Cases $449.95 Re-Cut Valve Seats

Re-plate Cylinder $474.95 Guide / Rocker Installation

Bore& Replate Cylinder $649.95 Copper Vale Seat installation

Cylinder Modification “porting” $385.95 Head Modification

Head & Cylinder Modification $535.95 REM Isotopic Finishing

REM Isotopic Finishing $369.95 Carburetor Boring

  • All prices are subject to change without notification

  • Not all modifications apply to all makes and models

  • Additional parts may be required for certain services and / or modifications, (extra cost involved)

  • For an accurate quote on your specific model contact our service department on 0406 068 398, or email