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Suspension Setup

Modern motorcycle suspension consists of several variables. Each of these variables can be changed to alter the motorcycle ... >> Read more

Sag Set Up

The following areonly general recommendations, different riding styles, tracks and manufacturer brands may vary ... >> Read more

Mini Bike Modification

There is a fine line to building an Engine. If the limits are pushed to far (like many engine builders do) there are ... >> Read more

HSSMX Race Team

Step inside and meet the riders who are a apart of the HSSMX family ... >> Read more

New Bike Set Up

Be sure the cooling system is full. If adding fluid is necessary, use a 60% water/40% antifreeze mix or a motorcycle specific ... >> Read more

Suspension Tuning

The forks must be installed properly for optimum performance. Make sure that the upper and lower clamps are torque to factory ... >> Read more

250cc / 350cc / 450cc MX / SX Fork & Shock Servicing

HOLESHOT SUSPENSION offers a 250cc / 350cc Race set up for the Pro riders wanting to step up to that next level of riding that ... >> Read more

125cc / 150cc / MX / SX Fork & Shock Servicing

Frequent suspension maintenance is required to provide optimum suspension performance and reduce unnecessary wear to ... >> Read more

65cc / 85cc MX / SX Fork & Shock Servicing

HOLESHOT SUSPENSION offers a 65cc / 85cc Race set up for the inspiring young up and coming champions, Our Suspension set up ... >> Read more


How to Holeshot the Start ?

To get the right Suspension set up for your bike we need to ask a few questions about your requirements, riding style, weight, goals, and so on.

You can call Lee on 0406 068 398 or fill out the quotation form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Motorcycle Suspension is a big part of what we do here at Holeshot Suspension and with many riders using our Suspension set up’s you will get the best service available at a reasonable price.

Lee has been involved in motorcycle racing and working on Motorcycles for the last 33 years. Having raced Moto Cross, Road Racing, Enduro, Trials and even had a crack at, Go Karts and Super Karts.